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SOFTBANK, Eye-Net to Test Next-Gen Urban Traffic System in 2023

Photo by Joey Kyber / Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan - SOFTBANK Corp. and Israel-based Eye-Net Mobile Ltd. are set to begin full-scale testing of a next-generation urban transportation system in September 2023.

Why it matters:

Given the increasing complexities of urban mobility, this initiative aims to implement improved traffic management solutions in Japan.

The Key Points:

  • Collision Prediction: Eye-Net's technology uses a software development kit (SDK) that can be installed on smartphones and in-vehicle devices. The system aims to predict vehicle and pedestrian collisions with low latency.
  • Real-Time Architecture: Unlike traditional batch-processing systems, the project employs an event-driven architecture to facilitate real-time traffic management and control, aiming to benefit corporate clients like municipalities and insurance companies.
  • 5G MEC Support: Plans are in place to integrate 5G MEC (5th generation mobile communication system) to enable low-latency communication. SOFTBANK intends to open a new 5G MEC facility in the Kansai region in July 2023.
  • Commercial Rollout: SOFTBANK has set a goal to offer this system to local governments and industries in Japan beginning in FY2024.

The Big Picture

The collaborative demonstration between SOFTBANK Corp. and Eye-Net Mobile seeks to tackle urban transportation challenges through advanced collision prediction algorithms and a real-time, event-driven architecture.

This initiative leverages Eye-Net's cellular V2X collision prediction algorithms and distributed processing technology.

In terms of functionality, the system's architecture aims to provide immediate information processing capabilities tailored for corporate clients, which include municipalities, public institutions, and insurance companies.

Additionally, there are plans to improve efficiency by employing Eye-Net's measurement information for collision prediction via a MEC compatible with 5G, aiming for low-latency communication.

SOFTBANK is also slated to open a new 5G MEC in the Kansai region in July 2023, which is expected to support the expansion of this initiative.

The project aims for a commercial rollout in FY2024, targeting local governments and a diverse range of industries in Japan.

Executives from both companies have indicated that the technology has the potential to make a significant contribution to nationwide urban transportation infrastructure.

Note: V2X is a communication technology that aims to facilitate information exchange between vehicles and other entities. Event-driven architecture involves real-time analysis and processing in response to events.