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SoftBank, Perplexity Tie Up for AI-Powered Search

Source: Softbank

Tokyo, Japan—SoftBank Corp. has announced a partnership with Perplexity, a generative AI search startup. 

The partnership will allow SoftBank's mobile service customers to try the startup's premium AI answer engine for a one-year free trial.

As stated in a company press release, the premium version of Perplexity, an AI-powered search engine, will be available to subscribers of SoftBank's mobile services—SoftBank, Y! mobile, and LINEMO—at no charge for a year beginning on June 19.

SoftBank customers may inquire about Perplexity via web browsers and applications, thereby obtaining accurate responses and information sources. 

The premium version offers a range of advanced features, including the ability to select from various language models, generate images, and obtain personalized search results.

SoftBank will assume responsibility for the application process for the one-year free trial, which would otherwise incur a monthly fee of JPY 2,950 (US$18.71).

SoftBank's collaboration with Perplexity represents the latest initiative undertaken by the company to enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities. 

The Japanese conglomerate has demonstrated a proclivity for investing in AI, having previously provided financial support to entities such as Anthropic, which developed the AI model utilized in Perplexity's service.

* US$1=JPY157.68.