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Sony Unveils High-Res SWIR Sensors for Precision Industrial Imaging

Source: Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Atsugi, Japan - Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has released two new short-wave infrared (SWIR) image sensors, the IMX992 and IMX993, designed to improve the accuracy of industrial inspection and monitoring applications.

Why It Matters:

The introduction of the IMX992 and IMX993 represents a significant step in Sony's ongoing efforts to improve industrial imaging. 

These sensors are expected to play a critical role in various industrial environments, particularly in areas where high-resolution, low-noise imaging is required.

The Key Features:

  • The IMX992 sensor features 5.32 effective megapixels and a small pixel size of 3.45 μm, achieved using Sony's proprietary Cu-Cu bonding technology.
  • The IMX992 and IMX993 are designed to capture a wide range of light, from visible to invisible shortwave infrared (0.4 to 1.7 μm), enabling high-resolution imaging in various conditions.
  • These sensors incorporate new acquisition modes to reduce noise in low-light environments and improve detection accuracy.
  • The sensors use a thin indium-phosphorus (InP) layer that improves quantum efficiency over a broad wavelength range, which is beneficial for inspection and measurement tasks.

What They Say:

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation emphasizes that the IMX992 and IMX993 sensors represent advances in pixel count and size and their ability to provide more explicit images under varying lighting conditions. 

This improvement is critical in industrial applications such as semiconductor wafer bonding, defect inspection, and food quality control.

What comes next:

Sony plans to begin sample shipments of the IMX992 and IMX993 in February 2024, available in two package options: Ceramic PGA with integrated thermoelectric cooler and Ceramic LGA. 

The release of these sensors is part of Sony's broader strategy to support the next wave of industrial innovation, potentially impacting areas beyond manufacturing, such as agricultural yield optimization and infrastructure monitoring.

With the increasing demand for precision in industrial processes, the IMX992 and IMX993 will meet the niche imaging needs of various industries.