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Superb AI, Rebellions Partner for Integrated AI Solutions

Source: Superb AI

Seoul, South Korea - Superb AI and Rebellions have formed a strategic partnership to combine their technologies for vision AI solutions.

Superb AI specializes in machine learning operations to help build, manage and analyze vision AI models. Rebellions develops AI chips and software focused on efficient AI inference.

Through the partnership, Superb AI will provide its vision AI models to run on Rebellions' AI semiconductors and software stack. 

The goal is to enable optimized vision AI solutions for enterprises, with Rebellions providing the secure, high-performance hardware and Superb AI providing the models.

The companies are collaborating on a government-sponsored project to develop homegrown AI chips and cloud services in South Korea. 

In initial benchmarks for this project using Superb AI's models on Rebellions' chips, Rebellions demonstrated over 2x better efficiency compared to current commercial semiconductors.

Rebellions has previously released AI accelerators for financial markets and data centers. 

The company is now collaborating with Samsung Electronics on a next-generation AI chip.

The partnership aims to make it easier for businesses to use vision AI by combining software and optimized hardware. 

Superb AI will provide the AI models and Rebellions will provide the efficient underlying chip technology.