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Travel Makers received a seed-series investment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM / Unsplash

Another travel startup received a seed-stage investment this week. Travel Makers, providing platforms and applications for customized travel planning and linking with the locals, received a seed-stage investment from The Invention Lab and CNT Tech.

The investment amount is not open to the public.

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My Real Trip received KRW 43.2B (USD 36M) Series D investment in a chaotic travel industry environment.

Travel Makers is trying to differentiate travel. For example, when the user visits New York, the user can participate in the musical audition program after watching the show together.

The startup is sourcing unique tour guides to differentiate the travel via their platform.

Pre-COVID-19 pandemic, Korea National Tourism Organization, predicted that “Find My Trip” would be the primary trend in the travel industry this year. From social listening, the organization found that specific keywords like “ice-fishing” or “BASS fishing” showed a higher engagement rate than just fishing. Airbnb Korea operates a particular feature like renting a house for one month in Jeju.

Travel Makers launched a “COVID-19 Free Map” application with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Korean National Tourism Organization to prepare for the future.

Even though the app is now in the open beta stage, it has 1,000 daily active users with more than a 20% revisit rate. Travel Makers will target the visitors when the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Travel Makers won the 2nd prize during the travel startup accelerating program hosted by the Korea National Tourism Organization in 2019.

Now their office is located in Seoul's Korea National Tourism Organization Building.