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Wemade and Katnappe Partner for Blockchain Game Integration

Source: Katnappe sp. z o.o.

Seoul, South Korea - South Korean gaming company Wemade has brokered a deal with Katnappe sp. z o.o. of Poland.

This will bring Katnappe's blockchain-based game, Hoomeez, to WEMIX PLAY, Wemade's dedicated blockchain gaming platform.

Why it matters:

The recent partnership between South Korean gaming company Wemade and Polish developer Katnappe highlights the industry's focus on integrating blockchain gaming.

The Key Points

  • Wemade's WEMIX PLAY has a user base of more than 9 million, with a selection of more than 100 games. With this agreement, Hoomeez will become the platform's first online party game.
  • In Hoomeez, players use an avatar named Hoomie to navigate and compete in various contests. The gameplay spans multiple modes: races, ball games, and coin-collecting challenges.
  • Katnappe, which began operations in 2008, is an independent game publisher. The game Hoomeez, designed by Sourena Games Studio, will be released worldwide through Katnappe.

What else?

In addition, Wemade has continued to expand its network of affiliates to increase the global reach of WEMIX PLAY.

So far this year, the platform has welcomed game companies from various countries, including Belarus, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Singapore, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

In addition, Wemade plans to enrich its platform with a wide range of game genres.

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