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Wemade Unveils WEMIX Scan for Enhanced Blockchain Transparency

Source: Wemade

SÉOUL, South Korea - Wemade, a South Korean blockchain company, has released its new block explorer, WEMIX Scan, designed for its mainnet and the WEMIX3.0 testnet.

Why it matters:

The development and transparency of the blockchain sector play a critical role in its adoption and trustworthiness.

Tools like WEMIX Scan allow users to monitor and analyze blockchain data, thereby supporting transparency.

The Key Points

  • WEMIX Scan is the result of a collaboration between Wemade and Etherscan, a global blockchain data services company.
  • The explorer will feature standardized data formats similar to other prominent global blockchains.
  • Users can access various data, including transaction methods, total asset values in USD, and specific token metrics from platforms such as CMC and CoinGecko.
  • The development of WEMIX Scan can be traced back to May when Wemade and Etherscan decided to form a partnership.
  • Their alliance wasn't limited to WEMIX Scan; there is an ongoing effort targeting the block explorer for Wemade's Wemix3.0 mainnet and Ethereum's layer two projects, "Kroma." Information indicates that Kroma's block explorer is still developing and will be launched later.

WEMIX Scan's announcement was strategically placed during Korea Blockchain Week, which took place on September 5, 2023.

Recognized as an essential event in the Asian blockchain calendar, Wemade played a notable role as the primary sponsor of the IMPACT conference, marking its second consecutive year in this capacity.

As for Etherscan, its reputation in the block explorer space has been around for a while.

It serves as Ethereum's primary block explorer, offering features that allow users to examine and validate all transactions, blocks, and contract addresses on the Ethereum blockchain.

The developer's extensive portfolio includes block explorers for various main nets and testnets such as Bscscan, Polygonscan, Arbiscan, and Celoscan.

The Big Picture

The launch of WEMIX Scan exemplifies Wemade's ongoing commitment to increasing transparency in the rapidly changing blockchain landscape.

With tools that align with industry standards and best practices, Wemade hints at its ambition to be a beacon in the broader tapestry of blockchain innovation.

The ultimate goal seems to be a transparent, accessible ecosystem for all users.