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Yabu City, Yoshimoto Kogyo, SoftBank Form Web3 Partnership

Source: Softbank

Yabu City, Japan - Yabu City collaborates with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. and SOFTBANK Corporation, initiating a Web3-based collaboration in Hyogo Prefecture.

Why it matters:

Yabu City's "Collaboration Agreement on Efforts to Utilize Web3" brings together significant companies.

The potential impact of this collaboration could be critical for other cities and companies interested in exploring distributed Web 3 technologies.

The Key Points:

  • The primary project, "Virtual Yabu in ZEP," utilizes the 2D platform "ZEP" previously adopted by SOFTBANK.
  • Designated as a "National Strategic Special Zone," Yabu City strives to broaden access to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Yoshimoto Kogyo's commitment extends beyond talent avatarization; its initiatives, such as the "Live in Your Town Project" and "BS Yoshimot," focus on regional improvement.
  • SOFTBANK's commitment to using ICT to address societal challenges is evident, positioning it as a critical participant.

The Big Picture:

The shared goal is to revitalize the local environment of Yabu City, improve services for residents, and accelerate digital transformation.

In their pledge, Yoshimoto Kogyo and SOFTBANK set a standard for applying DX through "ZEP" and aim to spread the concept to various local entities.

"Virtual Yabu in ZEP" will be a hub within the metaverse that replicates the emblematic scenes of Yabu City, facilitating interactions, meetings, and the dissemination of relevant city-data.

This includes events that Yoshimoto's comedians could lead in parallel with real-world activities.

In addition, "ZEP" has attracted attention, especially in Korea, with a user base of 3 million in less than a year.

It offers many features, including video conversations, chat functions, and integration with NFTs.

The adaptability of ZEP" is evident, as companies can easily create their metaverse according to their specific needs.

The alliance underscores the confluence of technology, commerce, and urban planning and projects potential trajectories for the symbiosis of the digital and tangible realms.

Observers in the technology domain should monitor developments and gauge possible shifts in the digital landscape and community amalgamation within the Web3 context.