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Yahoo! Browser Unveils AI Tool for Decoding Laundry Symbols

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan - Yahoo! Browser, a product of Yahoo Japan Corporation with more than 15 million downloads, announced the release of its AI-powered "Laundry Mark Search" feature.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to interpret laundry symbols when users photograph a garment's tag.

Why it matters:

This new feature addresses a common user pain point: With the overhaul of laundry tags in 2016, users need help with legacy tags unique to Japan and new ISO-compliant international labels.

Often perceived as complicated, these tags need to be clarified.

With laundry volumes increasing from sweaty clothes to poolside wear, summer was the perfect time to debut this feature.

The Key Points:

  • Previously, the Yahoo! browser introduced a "camera search" feature in August 2020, allowing image-based searches in various categories such as fashion and home appliances.
  • This type of feature is necessary: a Yahoo! survey found that 98% of respondents couldn't interpret some laundry symbols, while 66% had mistakenly machine-washed items they shouldn't have.
  • In another study, 74% of respondents expressed interest in a tool to help them understand laundry labels.
  • Users take a picture of the label, and the AI evaluates the washing method. Results are displayed in three intuitive graphical and text categories: "machine washable," "hand washable," and "cannot be washed at home."
  • Additional details such as bleach, drying, and ironing methods are also provided.
  • The feature aims to simplify the user experience given the vast array of laundry symbols, including additional symbols and numbers.

The Big Picture:

Users can also access dryness data from Yahoo! weather and find local dry cleaners using Yahoo! maps.

This initiative aligns with Yahoo! JAPAN's mission to improve everyday life in Japan through technology solutions.