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Yahoo! News Japan Trials AI Comment Summaries

Source: Line Yahoo Corporation

Tokyo, Japan - Yahoo! News Japan has launched a trial feature that uses OpenAI's GPT-4 algorithm to generate summaries of user comments.

The Key Points

  • The feature is accessible when users click a "Summarize Comments using AI" button at the bottom of an article's comment form. The feature is enabled for articles with a certain number of comments and targets those at the top of a "recommended order" list for summarization.
  • The generated summary distills lengthy comments into condensed focal points and highlights three highly relevant terms to the article. This is done to provide contextual clarity.
  • Limitations of this feature include unconfirmed quality and accuracy, although it is currently in a testing phase. Other limitations include the possibility of sudden discontinuation of the service and differences in browser compatibility.
  • Technical specifications are subject to change, and articles that meet summary criteria may be excluded from this feature.

What they say:

Yahoo says the feature is designed to streamline the user experience by condensing disparate comments into critical points. 

User feedback will be used to adjust the feature for long-term use, the company says.

The Next:

Since its launch in 2007, the comments section on Yahoo! News Japan has served as a forum for user discussion. 

In response to the increasing comments, the platform has decided to test an AI-based summarization feature using OpenAI's GPT-4 algorithm.

The company will evaluate the long-term viability of the feature and possible refinements based on user feedback. 

AI features like this could impact user engagement metrics and digital advertising revenue streams. 

The growing role of AI in media also suggests new avenues for investment in the sector.