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Yanolja Launches S. Korea's First Private Travel Research Center.

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski / Unsplash

Yanolja has launched Yanolja Research, the country’s first private research center dedicated to the travel industry.

The research center collaborates with Yanolja, Purdue University’s Center for Hospitality & Retail Industries Business Analytics (CHRIBA), and Kyunghee University’s H&T Analytics Center.

Yanolja Research aims to facilitate K-Travel’s global expansion and boost the Korean economy by combining the company’s expertise in leisure inventory and high-quality travel data with the research capabilities of its academic partners.

Yanolja Research will conduct research from the perspective of suppliers and consumers throughout the travel process while also studying the policies of governments and international organizations related to the travel industry.

The Center aims to contribute to the public interest and improve data accessibility by publishing quarterly trend reports and building a comprehensive database.

By analyzing global industry trends through data-driven insights, Yanolja Research aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Korean travel industry on the international stage and help it become a significant contributor to the national economy.

The research center will also focus on linking internationally popular K-content with travel, striving to make South Korea a sought-after destination, and supporting the country’s travel technology to lead the global market through digital transformation research.

Yanolja CEO Bochan Bae said the company has been preparing for the Yanolja research project for a long time to contribute to the development of the domestic travel industry and the national economy.

Bae emphasized the research center’s commitment to conducting research in the public interest and sharing its findings with various stakeholders.

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