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Zepeto's Expansion: 2D Avatars for the Vtuber Space

Source: Naver Z

Zepeto, Naver Z's metaverse platform known for its 3D avatars, has added 2D anime-style avatars.

The move aims to enter the vtuber market, estimated to be worth KRW 2.8 trillion.

Why It Matters: The platform's strategy focuses on providing diverse and accessible content creation tools to its more than 400 million global users.

This expansion into 2D avatars provides an alternative for users looking to participate in the vtuber market, removing potential barriers to entry such as cost and time commitment.

The Key Points

  • The 2D avatars, developed using Zepeto's proprietary technology, are designed to meet the diverse needs of users and are fully compatible with the platform's existing 3D avatars, over 56,000 3D worlds, and 8.65 million items.
  • Vtubers, virtual personalities with multiple accounts, are becoming increasingly popular. Their market is expected to reach over KRW 17 trillion by 2030.
  • Zepeto Live, a service launched in January last year, allows users to interact with others using avatars within the Zepeto platform. It has recorded over 700,000 broadcasts with more than 350 million cumulative plays and experienced 30 times year-on-year user growth.
  • Zepeto's CEO, Kim Dae-wook, stated that their goal is to continue to develop Zepeto as a platform for all users to express themselves freely, regardless of their technical skills or cost concerns.

The Big Picture: Introducing 2D avatars, fully compatible with the platform's 3D counterparts, could potentially democratize the vtuber market.

As these avatars reduce the cost and time commitment typically associated with vlogging, this development could pave the way for more aspiring vtubers.

With this in mind, Zepeto allows users to create one anime avatar per account for free for a limited time.