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Go Pizza Attracts $10M Investment from CP Group.

Source: Go Pizza

Seoul, South Korea — Go Pizza, a South Korean food technology company, has received $10 million in funding from CP ALL, a key distribution affiliate of Thailand's CP Group. 

The company made the announcement. 

This investment brings Go Pizza's total funding to over KRW 60 billion ($45.6 million), following a KRW 25 billion Series C investment from GS Ventures and CJ Investment in 2022.

CP Group, Thailand's most significant conglomerate with a market capitalization exceeding KRW 7.14 trillion, is expanding its presence in the food industry through this investment. 

Go Pizza, which inaugurated its inaugural Thai location in December 2023, has set a goal of expanding its Thai footprint to encompass more than 20 stores by the end of the year.

The company has exceeded 450 stores in seven countries and has achieved profitability for its domestic operations. 

Go Pizza has set a goal of opening more than 1,000 additional stores at GS25 convenience stores in South Korea by the end of the year.