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KREAM Launches 'The Phone' for Verified Pre-owned Smartphones

Source: KREAM

Seoul, South Korea—South Korean limited-edition goods trading platform KREAM announced the launch of "the phone," a service for purchasing pre-owned smartphones verified by experts.

The new service is designed to address the inherent trust issues in South Korea's KRW 2 trillion ($1.4 billion) pre-owned smartphone market by offering quality-assured devices. 

KREAM's "KREAM Care" warranty provides free replacements for device defects within one year of purchase.

Earlier this year, KREAM entered the pre-owned smartphone market with its "My Phone Price" service, which enables users to sell their devices. 

To ensure data security during transactions, the company has partnered with Likewize, an official Apple Korea partner.

The company's COO has indicated that the objective is to prevent user losses and facilitate more convenient transactions in the pre-owned smartphone market.

KREAM has signaled its intention to expand its product range to encompass a more diverse array of pre-owned smartphones, as well as other electronic devices such as tablet PCs and laptops.

In commemorating the inaugural launch, KREAM will present a curated assortment of 100 devices each week in July, offering discounts of up to KRW 90,000 (equivalent to approximately $65).