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LG Display Unveils OLED Advances at K-Display 2023

Source: LG Display

Seoul, South Korea - LG Display(KRX: 034220) has unveiled its latest OLED technologies in Seoul's K-Display 2023 exhibition.

Divided into three main zones, the exhibit presents new concepts and applications for OLED technology in various fields.

Why it matters:

LG Display(KRX: 034220)'s presentation at the K-Display 2023 exhibition in Seoul represents significant advancements in OLED technology.

These developments, including innovations in transportation, home entertainment, and transparent displays, could have broad implications for multiple industries and the global OLED market.

The Key Points

  • Mobility Zone: This section introduces LG Display's focus on automotive OLED integration with a 34-inch P-OLED display and a 12-inch flexible counterpart. Advanced Thin OLED (ATO) and Switchable Privacy Mode (SPM) showcase the company's current efforts in automotive display innovation.
  • Total Solution Zone: This zone highlights LG Display's OLED TV panels from 42" to 97", featuring META technology that enhances brightness and viewing angles and improves energy efficiency by up to 22%. Gaming displays and foldable OLED technologies for laptops are also included.
  • Transparent Future Zone: Showcasing different sizes of transparent OLEDs, this zone explores applications in retail, architecture, and more. A collaboration with Starbucks demonstrates a futuristic store concept using transparent OLED displays.
  • Strategic focus: LG Display's K-Display 2023 presentation reaffirms the company's commitment to technological advancement and outlines its vision for the future, emphasizing sustainability and innovation.