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Source: LG Electronics

Seoul, South Korea—LG Electronics (066570. KS) has announced the global rollout of its new OLED EVO M4 series television, which features wireless connectivity between the TV and its Zero Connect Box. 

The M4 is the inaugural television model capable of wirelessly transmitting video and audio at 4K 144Hz.

The new series will be available in 65, 77, 83, and 97-inch models, expanding LG's product range to accommodate diverse customer preferences and living spaces. 

LG's Zero Connect Box permits the flexible placement of both the box and the TV screen, which may reduce cable clutter in living spaces. 

The company postulates that this feature may facilitate novel approaches to interior design.

The OLED M4 incorporates LG's proprietary self-lit OLED screen technology and the company's latest α (Alpha) 11 AI Processor. 

This processor, designed specifically for LG's OLED TVs, employs artificial intelligence (AI) innovations to provide personalized experiences based on user preferences and habits.

LG has positioned the M4 as a high-end gaming television, citing its faster artificial intelligence (AI) processing speeds and neural processing unit (NPU). 

The 4K 144Hz support is designed to facilitate smooth gameplay and enhanced visuals. It is important to note that the 97-inch model is constrained to 4K 120Hz.

LG has announced its intention to commence the global rollout of the OLED M4 series TV with the Zero Connect Box in major markets worldwide on July 1, 2024.