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Moloco Launches New Monetization Solution for Streaming Media and OTT Providers

Source: Moloco

Moloco recently launched a new monetization solution for streaming media and OTT providers.

The new service helps content owners build a unique ad business.

This allows them to serve more customers than traditional linear TV businesses.

With Moloco’s machine learning technology, content owners can create unique ad products, increase revenue and offer an ROI that grows their ad budgets.

Changing consumer behavior has led to the rapid adoption of streaming video as the preferred way to consume content, creating an unprecedented business opportunity for media owners and distributors.

However, building a large digital advertising business requires more than just transferring business practices that work for linear TV.

To succeed in the digital world, streaming platforms must serve different advertisers with different goals, make it easier for advertisers to get started, and provide a superior user experience that grows advertising budgets.

Herman Yang, Head of Moloco Enterprise, said, “Our goal is to help platforms build a scalable and profitable ad business with Moloco’s machine learning technology by creating unique experiences for users and opportunities for their advertisers.”

Moloco’s machine learning technology enables digital content owners to create unique advertising businesses and serve more customers than traditional linear TV.

Through operational machine learning, Moloco’s new full-funnel solution provides digital advertisers with the tools they need to succeed in the digital world.

Moloco has grown its revenue 5.0 times in the last two years and mediates more than $1 billion in ad spend annually.