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Source: Samsung Electronics

SEOUL, South Korea—Samsung Electronics has unveiled a lineup of AI-powered home appliances that simplify everyday tasks and enhance the connected home experience. 

On Wednesday, the South Korean conglomerate unveiled the new lineup at its "Welcome to BESPOKE AI" global launch event.

The Bespoke AI appliances, which include refrigerators, induction ranges, and laundry machines, feature built-in Wi-Fi, internal cameras, AI chips, and compatibility with the SmartThings application.

The company aims to provide users with seamless control over their connected home ecosystem with these enhancements.

The centerpiece of the new lineup is the AI Home, a 7-inch LCD that allows users to locate and control connected devices throughout the home.

Samsung also introduced Mobile Smart Connect, a feature that alerts users' phones when they are near registered devices, enabling quick control of critical functions.

The company plans to integrate generative AI into its home appliances by the end of the year, focusing on improving its Bixby voice assistant. 

The goal is to enable Bixby to understand complex sentences, engage in natural conversations, and offer solutions to multifaceted tasks.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Samsung announced Smart Forward, a service that delivers software updates and upgrades to Wi-Fi-connected devices, including those already in users' homes. 

This initiative aims to extend product lifecycles and reduce the need for frequent appliance replacements.

As the home appliance industry continues to evolve, Samsung's emphasis on AI and connectivity positions the company to capitalize on the growing demand for smart home solutions. 

However, the success of these innovations will depend on consumer adoption and the seamless integration of these technologies into everyday life.

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