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SentBe Launches 'SentBiz KRW Collection' for Global B2B

Source: SentBe

Seoul, South Korea—SentBe, a global foreign exchange (FX) solutions provider based in South Korea, has announced the launch of "SentBiz KRW Collection," an application programming interface (API)- based business-to-business (B2B) payment solution designed to facilitate seamless international business payments for global companies. 

The service enables companies outside Korea to collect Korean Won and settle transactions in 31 global currencies across 174 countries.

SentBiz KRW Collection is integrated with corporate clients' TTS systems through SentBe's proprietary SentBiz API, allowing for the creation of bespoke payment solutions tailored to each business model. 

This integration aims to maximize the scalability of payment services and operational convenience for global companies.

The solution provides virtual accounts for the secure collection of Korean Won, management of transaction histories, and settlement of transactions in global currencies at desired times. 

SentBe has implemented OAuth2 and JWT authentication methods to ensure secure communication between the API and customers.