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Travel Consultation Goes Digital with My Real Trip

Source: My Real Trip

My Real Trip Launches 'Travel Expert Connection Service.

Why it matters: South Korean online travel platform My Real Trip has launched a new program that connects travelers with expert consultants to create personalized travel plans.

This collaboration with travel agencies nationwide could redefine how consumers approach travel planning by allowing them to consult with experts and tailor travel plans to their needs.

The Key Points:

  • My Real Trip's new service provides one-on-one online consultation for packaged tours, eliminating customers needing to visit physical agencies.
  • The service allows for customizing itineraries based on customer demand and introducing travel packages via a telephone connection with agencies.
  • The service will begin with 15 selected travel agencies offering products such as golf, family travel, honeymoons, and cruise/track packages.
  • By the end of the year, the service will be expanded to include more categories and more than 100 package tour operators.

The Big Picture: This innovation is part of a more significant movement by My Real Trip to cultivate a symbiotic relationship with travel agents and smaller agencies.

Earlier this year, My Real Trip launched a company-in-company (CIC) for B2B business and partnered with 450 travel agencies.

By the second half of the year, the company plans to offer 300 package tour products to work with 1,000 travel agencies by the end of the year.

CIC CEO Yuk Kyung-gun emphasized the company's focus on working with the existing travel industry and expanding its reach.

This model represents a transformative approach to the travel industry, integrating online and offline services and improving the customer experience.