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Photo by Kara Eads / Unsplash

Trustay, a joint venture between Yanolja Cloud and KT Estate, recently secured a KRW 3 billion investment from Hana Financial Group.

Despite declining funding for domestic startups due to last year's interest rate hike, Trustay has attracted investment by showcasing its innovative proptech solutions for the real estate market.

Trustay's flagship offering, Home Knock, provides professional rental management services to owners of small and medium-sized properties.

The company is also pioneering a new era in the real estate market with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based room control solutions, Home Knock Zone and Home Knock Town, which aim to create intelligent living environments.

The latest investment will enhance Trustay's proptech solutions and drive new sales initiatives.

The company aims to improve its business competitiveness and expand its proptech ecosystem by increasing its digital transformation scope beyond residential properties to commercial properties, including land and buildings.

Trustay CEO Kim Jung-yoon commented, "As this investment recognizes our technology and growth, we will continue to lead the innovation and digital transformation of the proptech real estate market through technology development and active partnerships."

Trustay is already leading the digital transformation of the housing market, having established strategic partnerships with proptech companies such as Artiwealth or Big Value and industry leaders such as Samsung Electronics and Hana Bank.

Last year, Trustay signed a strategic business agreement with Hana Bank to develop financial services based on real estate asset data, connect financial products exclusively for Home Knock members, and provide financial advice.