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AI's Growing Role in Gaming: GT Sophy 2.0 in Gran Turismo 7

Source: SONY

Tokyo, Japan - Sony AI has integrated its AI driver, GT Sophy, as a permanent feature in the popular PlayStation racing title Gran Turismo 7 (GT7). 

While this integration is an achievement in artificial intelligence, it raises broader questions about the role of AI in the gaming ecosystem.

Why It Matters

The release of GT Sophy 2.0 in Gran Turismo 7 by Sony AI and Polyphony Digital Inc.(PDI) signals a more integrated role for artificial intelligence in gaming, raising questions for gamers and technology strategists.

The Key Points

  • GT Sophy 2.0 now features over 340 cars on nine tracks, up from four cars and four tracks in its previous incarnation.
  • After a limited release earlier this year, GT Sophy can now drive 95% of the cars in the game on nine tracks.
  • This feature is exclusive to PS5 and is included in the GT7 Spec II update. Players can compete directly against the AI driver in head-to-head matches.
  • Sony intends for GT Sophy to provide a "human-like" challenge, although the initial hype touted it as "beating" top players.

What They Say: 

Data from an earlier, time-limited release suggests that users are primarily in favor of the permanent integration of GT Sophy 2.0, particularly for its ability to mimic human-like driving skills. 

Sony AI president Michael Spranger says GT Sophy is meant to "enhance the racing experience," not dominate it. However, experts note that it could reduce the need for human opponents and social interaction in multiplayer games.

What comes next

While the current version of GT Sophy 2.0 is focused on providing a challenging gaming experience, its potential for broader applications remains. 

They were initially described in Nature in February 2022, and the AI aimed to surpass human performance in racing simulations. 

Given its successful implementation, GT Sophy 2.0 serves as a data point for future trends in AI and could have broader applications in various technology sectors.

The introduction of GT Sophy 2.0 is not just an incremental update to the 25-year-old Gran Turismo franchise; it is a remarkable milestone. 

This feature has attracted considerable attention for its potential to transform not only interactive gaming but potentially other sectors that could benefit from advanced AI integration.