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Multi-Format Storytelling: A Deep Dive into 'Strong Girl' Franchise

Source: Kakao Entertainment

Seoul, South Korea - The K-drama Strong Girl Nam-soon has a spin-off webtoon, Strong Girl Geum-joo, available on Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page in South Korea. 

International availability in Japan, the United States, and Thailand is expected later this year.

Multi-format approach to content

Kakao Entertainment's simultaneous launch of a webtoon and a TV drama aligns with its established strategy. 

The same approach was used earlier this year for another title, King the Land, to expand on existing narratives.

Viewership Statistics

Strong Girl Nam-soon, a continuation of the franchise that began with Strong Girl Bong-soon in 2017, garnered 6.1 percent viewership in its first broadcast week, according to Nielson Korea. 

The story follows three generations of women fighting drug-related crime in the Gangnam district.

Narrative depth through webtoons

The webtoon Strong Girl Geum-joo, created by Lee Won-sik and illustrated by Tuna Can, provides additional backstory to complement the TV drama. 

It focuses on the high school years of Nam-soon's mother, Geum-joo.

Viewer Engagement Metrics

The webtoon was launched two weeks before the TV series, a strategic decision that resulted in approximately 400,000 views across Kakao's platforms within a few weeks.

Continuation of cross-format storytelling strategy

Kakao Entertainment intends to continue this multi-format approach to diversify how fans interact with its titles. 

Further development in this direction is expected.

The data suggests that Kakao Entertainment's multi-format approach could set a precedent for narrative depth and viewer engagement in the industry.