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Naver Readies HYPERCLOVAX Launch and Broad AI Expansion

Source: Naver Corp

In August, South Korean tech giant Naver is preparing to launch HYPERCLOVAX, an evolution of its Hyper Large AI.

This release is part of Naver's ongoing strategy to expand its offerings in the AI ecosystem throughout the year.

Why It Matters: The AI market constantly evolves, and major technology players like Naver are central to shaping its direction. This launch could impact how consumers and businesses interact with AI tools and services.

The Key Points

  • HYPERCLOVAX Launch: Naver plans to release this AI model in August, intended for various applications serving general users and businesses.
  • Besides HYPERCLOVAX, Naver will introduce a beta version of CLOVA X, an AI agent. This agent will have functionalities like answering user queries and assisting with content tasks. The agent's ecosystem is designed to grow with more plug-ins over time.
  • Launch of Cue: Naver launched Cue: a search service anchored on the HYPERCLOVAX platform, in September. Cue: is designed to handle complex search queries and aims to provide detailed search results. A broader release to Naver users is expected later in 2023.
  • Tools for creators and SMEs: AI tools, including a writing tool that integrates Naver's SmartEditor with HYPERCLOVAX, are in the pipeline for content creators and SMEs. These tools are expected to be released in September. Other AI-based solutions are also under consideration.
  • Expanding into B2B: Naver plans to enter the B2B segment with HYPERCLOVAX in October. Its tool, Clova Studio, will integrate HYPERCLOVAX models.
  • In addition, the upcoming NeuroCloud for HYPERCLOVAX aims to provide a secure AI solution via a dedicated hybrid cloud for enterprises.

Nakho Sung, head of hyper-scale AI technology at Naver Cloud, noted that Naver's focus isn't just on AI technology but also on its application in practical services. Sung said they intended to build a broader AI ecosystem with their partners.

The Big Picture: AI continues to shape the landscape of the tech industry.

As companies like Naver announce new developments, the development and application of AI tools will change, influencing how a wide range of stakeholders, from investors to everyday users, engage with the technology.