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Naver's HYPERCLOVAX: A Strategy for SMEs and Influencers

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - Naver is extending the capabilities of its HYPERCLOVAX-based tool, CLOVA for Writing, to its Influencer Topics platform. 

Why it matters:

Approximately 20,000 Naver influencers will be affected. The move is part of Naver's ongoing strategy to serve as a technology resource for small businesses (SMBs) and creators.

The Key Points

  • Naver integrates its AI tool HYPERCLOVAX with Influencer Topics to accelerate content output.
  • Further rollouts of CLOVA for Writing are planned across Naver's service ecosystem to empower SMBs and creators.
  • Several pilot tests and usability studies are underway to optimize the tool's performance.

The Deep Dive

CLOVA for Writing combines SmartEditor, Naver's existing content creation software, with the artificial intelligence capabilities of HYPERCLOVAX. 

It aims to speed up the creation of blog summaries and titles for influencers.

It's part of Naver's larger strategy to help SMEs and creators efficiently use artificial intelligence as part of its AI for All initiative.

Naver will offer CLOVA Live Chat and CLOVA Message Marketing, which automate specific customer service and marketing functions, starting in 2022. 

In June, the company added the AI Questionnaire Assistant tool, which helps small businesses launch live commerce by automatically creating surveys from existing blogs and smart store product data.

Naver runs several pilot programs and usability tests to fine-tune CLOVA for Writing for a broader range of applications.

Feedback from bloggers and blog owners is currently being collected to make the necessary adjustments to the tool. 

The Big Picture

Naver's focus on integrating AI into content creation and SMB operations reflects broader industry trends. 

As artificial intelligence tools become more widespread, they will likely significantly impact how SMBs and content creators operate. 

Naver's strategy suggests an attempt to position itself advantageously in this evolving technological landscape.