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Samsung and Univ. of Michigan Investigate Smartwatch Tech for Runners

Photo copyright: Regents of the University of Michigan. Eric Bronson/Michigan Photography

Seoul, South Korea - Samsung Electronics has formed a research alliance with the University of Michigan's Exercise & Sport Science Initiative (ESSI) to explore the possibilities of smartwatch technology for runners.

Why it matters:

As the healthcare industry continues to boom, so does the demand for accurate and comprehensive data from the vertical.

The movement between technology vendors and research institutions would provide some insights for readers.

The Key Points

  • The research by the Michigan Performance Research Laboratory (MiPR) at ESSI will span eight months. The study will measure runners' VO2 max and sweat loss using the Galaxy Watch series.
  • Data from the Galaxy Watch during indoor and outdoor runs ranging from 2.5km to 20km will be compared to reference data.
  • A primary focus will be on runners' challenges with sweat loss, dehydration, and heat management. The study aims to optimize smartwatch technology to provide more accurate health metrics.

The Big Picture

The partnership combines Samsung's technology expertise with MiPR's research acumen.

MiPR, known for its extensive connections in the wearable tech sector and running community, offers a unique perspective through its past collaborations with sports organizations and industry leaders.

The initiative looks forward to providing meaningful health insights and enhancing the runner's experience with advanced features.

Samsung's press release compared the Galaxy Watch's data metrics, including VO2 max and sweat loss, to CPET and weight change.

While the watch offers many features, it is primarily designed for general wellness, and any health concerns should be directed to a medical professional.