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LINE Yahoo Japan Leverages Generative AI for Growth

Source: LY Corp

Tokyo, Japan - LINE Yahoo Japan is driving the rapid integration of generative AI across its services to increase revenue and productivity significantly. 

The company has launched 16 generative AI applications in 10 months and plans to increase revenue by JPY 110 billion annually.

LINE Yahoo Japan aims to achieve productivity improvements of JPY 10 billion per year in the medium to long term.

LINE Yahoo Japan prioritizes using generative AI for personal services while focusing on user privacy and ethical considerations. 

Initial results from an original AI assistant deployed to approximately 20,000 employees show potential productivity gains of 7%.  

The company has also seen productivity gains of 10% to 30% among engineers using the "GitHub Copilot" AI assistant.

While pursuing financial benefits, LINE Yahoo Japan is committed to mitigating risks with a governance framework for the responsible use of AI. 

In addition, the company offers corporate customers courses in the "Data and AI Human Resource Development Program," including generative AI.

Notable generative AI features include LINE Profile Studio for image generation and various tools for product description generation, text summarization, and search response generation.