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Sony's AI Vision Sensors Boost In-Store Advertising Analytics

Source: SONY

Tokyo, Japan— Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) has initiated the operation of an AI-powered vision detection system at 500 convenience stores in Japan. 

This system aims to assess the efficacy of in-store digital advertising. 

The system employs SSS's IMX500 AI vision sensors to automatically detect the number of customers who view digital signage, the number who stop to watch, and the duration of their observation. 

Source: SONY

The system outputs only metadata, not images, to protect customer privacy. 

The solution, developed using Sony's AITRIOS edge AI platform, is designed to assist retailers and consumer brands optimize their in-store promotional content and retail media strategies. 

The AI-captured viewing data is integrated with advertising content and purchase information to enable advanced advertising effectiveness analytics. 

Sony emphasized the IMX500's integration of imaging and AI inference capabilities within a single chip, enabling compact edge devices suitable for stores with limited space. 

The company asserted that this edge-based approach reduces network bandwidth usage and expenses compared to cloud-centric computer vision systems.

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