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Naver Z Launches Online Safety Campaign with ConnectSafely for Safer Internet Day 2023.

Source: Naver Z

Naver Z, a South Korean Internet giant Naver Corporation subsidiary, has launched a new online safety campaign in partnership with ConnectSafely to celebrate this year’s Safer Internet Day.

The global initiative, first launched in Europe in 2003, aims to raise awareness of various online safety issues and encourage users to participate in creating a safer Internet environment.

Naver Z has partnered with ConnectSafely, a non-profit organization dedicated to online safety, to provide users with a safer online experience.

As part of the campaign, Naver Z has released a video showcasing the security measures of its virtual world platform, Zepeto.

The video shows various filtering technologies that detect sexual exploitation, harmful content, and user safety instructions.

The video also introduces the #BeKind campaign to raise awareness about cyberbullying and promote kindness online.

The campaign runs from February 6-12 and is supported by prominent Zepeto creators such as Monica and Seol-i.

Last year, Naver Z formed a special security team and made several updates to its community guidelines and filtering technology.

The company has also partnered with organizations like ConnectSafe and Inhope to improve its security measures further.

Naver Z plans to continue its efforts to protect its users this year by expanding community moderation and publishing its first transparency report.

The transparency report will inform users about the company’s efforts to create a safe and secure virtual world.

In a statement, Naver Z’s trust and safety team leader said, “This year’s campaign is significant as it is our second collaboration with ConnectSafely after updating our guide for parents last year. We will continue to actively work to protect users based on our various partnerships and systems.”

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