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Ring in the Season with EPIK App's AI-Powered Holiday Photos

Source: SNOW

Seoul, South Korea - EPIK, a renowned name in AI-driven entertainment, is making waves with its latest holiday offering, "AI Christmas." 

This innovative service integrates users' selfies with generative AI technology to create a unique, vintage Christmas theme. 

Let's look at what makes AI Christmas such a seasonal sensation.

The Concept: Building on the success of the AI Yearbook, EPIK's AI Christmas invites users to submit 8-12 selfies. In return, they receive 30 photos capturing the essence of a traditional American Christmas. This service personalizes the holiday experience and brings a nostalgic touch to modern technology.

Global reach: Launching simultaneously in 176 countries, AI Christmas is not just a product but a global phenomenon. This worldwide accessibility underscores EPIK's commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology to a diverse audience.

User Engagement: In just one week after launch, approximately 30,000 users worldwide have adopted AI Christmas. This number is a testament to the growing interest in AI-integrated entertainment solutions.

Customization Features: Besides generating Christmas-themed images, the service allows users to personalize them with text, stamps, and templates. These customizations enable users to create unique holiday cards and greetings, adding a personal touch to the season.

Affordability and accessibility: Priced at KRW 6,600, with a discounted rate of KRW 5,500 for EPIK subscribers, "AI Christmas" is an affordable luxury. This pricing strategy makes the service accessible to many users, ensuring everyone can enjoy this innovative technology.

Privacy and Security: EPIK prioritizes user privacy. All images uploaded to AI Christmas are immediately deleted from the server after processing, ensuring that no personal data is used to train the AI engine or for any other purpose.

What They Say:

Changwook Kim, CEO of Snow, envisions "AI Christmas" as a gateway for millions of people to experience the fusion of their memories with advanced AI technology. 

This service isn't just about celebrating the holidays; it's about enhancing the user experience and making technology more relatable and enjoyable.