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Samsung and Netflix Launch "Squid Game" Immersive Experience

Source: Samsung Electronics

Los Angeles, CA - Samsung Electronics and Netflix have teamed up to launch "Squid Game: The Trials," a pop-up event that integrates Samsung smart TVs and Galaxy smartphones into the setting of Netflix's "Squid Game." 

The event will allow attendees to engage in activities reminiscent of the series while surrounded by Samsung technology.

At the heart of the event is Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TV, which uses its Neural Quantum Processor 8K to enhance the visual presentation of series-related content. 

In addition, Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy S23 Ultra will be integrated to provide interactive elements related to the games in the series.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, equipped with hyper-lapse video and high-quality imaging features, is used in the Red Light, Green Light game. 

Its S Pen is used in the Digital Dalgona Challenge, where contestants perform a task similar to one in the series that requires precision in carving shapes out of Korean candy.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 enhances the experience with its FlexCam feature, allowing visitors to take various hands-free photos at a designated kiosk. 

These photos and those taken during the event can be shared or downloaded instantly.

The experience concludes in a VIP room where Samsung's The Frame TV, an 85-inch screen with matte display technology, showcases the ongoing challenges and reflects the ambiance of the show's star-studded neighborhood.

"Squid Game: The Trials," currently available in Los Angeles and potentially expanding to other cities, reflects the intersection of technology and storytelling in the entertainment industry. 

Tickets for this event are available for a limited time only.