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Spoon Radio Introduces "Spoon Membership" for Creators

Source: Spoon Radio

Seoul, South Korea - Spoon Radio has launched a new membership program called "Spoon Membership" to provide audio creators with a more stable source of income. 

The program is designed to allow creators to focus on engaging with their fans and producing quality content without the burden of meeting strict requirements imposed by other platforms.

The Spoon membership consists of two tiers: "Pro" and "Premium." Creators who choose the Premium membership can create customizable paid subscription plans, called "Plans," for their fans. 

These plans allow creators to set prices, names, signature colors, and benefits, produce exclusive content, and host subscriber-only live broadcasts. 

This approach allows for greater fan engagement and community building.

Spoon Radio's Business Group Lead noted that building a community of passionate fans and securing a stable income through subscription services is one of the most popular revenue models among creators.

The company intends to explore various revenue-generating options to reduce the burden on creators and allow them to focus on authentic communication and content creation.